Not Your Grandad’s Door-Phone: Introducing Control4’s High-Definition Video Intercom: communication, convenience, lifestyle, safety, video intercom,

Not Your Grandad’s Door-Phone: Introducing Control4’s High-Definition Video Intercom

Posted April 7, 2015

Intercoms a great way to monitor what’s happening in and around your household. You’ll not only hear the baby cooing in the nursery, you’ll also be able to admire her from a touch screen mounted in the kitchen or sitting on the countertop while making dinner. Then, of course, there are the security benefits. By tying in stand-alone surveillance cameras, you can see who’s knocking before you open the front door, and in crisp, clear, full-color video on an generous-sized screen...

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Join Us for The Smarter Living Experience!: home automation, live smart, smart home,

Join Us for The Smarter Living Experience!

Posted April 6, 2015

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the smart life? Or perhaps you are already living it and are ready to take your smart home to the next level. Join us as we take you step-by-step through the automated home, sharing with you all of the amazing new products, updates and experiences that will completely change the way you interact with your house daily—making your life more convenient and more enjoyable with every moment.

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Gearing Up For Spring Cleaning With Home Automation: home automation, seasons, smart home, spring cleaning,

Gearing Up For Spring Cleaning With Home Automation

Posted April 1, 2015

Spring cleaning is about more than just clearing out the garage or dusting the nooks and crannies you’ve neglected for the past several months. It’s about starting anew. It’s about re-organizing your home in a way that reflects a fresh outlook on life. It’s your opportunity to take your house (and all its furnishings and features) and align them with your goals. What better way to do some spring cleaning than with Control4 home automation?

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Unique Home Automation Ideas For Women: home automation, ideas, smart home,

Unique Home Automation Ideas For Women

Posted March 17, 2015

Imagine: You come home after a long day of work and, instead of manually adjusting the thermostat, flipping on all the lights, activating the gas fireplace and turning on the stereo system, you simply press one button to transform your home environment into a place that’s warm, welcoming and relaxing.

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Unique Home Automation Ideas For Men: home automation, ideas, smart home,

Unique Home Automation Ideas For Men

Posted March 17, 2015

Ready to turn your house into a restful retreat away from work? Here are three home automation-inspired ideas—all possible through a professional installed and customized Control4 system...

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Smart Home Technology: What You’re Missing. [INFOGRAPHIC]: home automation, real estate, smart home,

Smart Home Technology: What You’re Missing. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted March 3, 2015

A recent survey from ERA Real Estate and HGTV shows that consumers of all generations value smart technology features in both current and future homes. That’s because a smart home is one that is well-positioned for the future and aligns with a growing reliance on mobile technology...

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The Convenience of Digital Movies: entertainment, media,

The Convenience of Digital Movies

Posted February 24, 2015

It wasn’t too long ago that movie time meant driving to the video store to rent a DVD. It also involved tweaking the settings of the TV, setting up the room lights and finding the right remote for the DVD player. Not a terribly complicated process, but one that definitely took some time and effort.

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Securing Your Connected Life.: automation, communication, products, residential, smart home,

Securing Your Connected Life.

Posted February 19, 2015

This post comes from Paul Williams, Vice President of Security & Communications Products at Control4.

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Extra Extra! A New Issue of Home Smart Home Awaits!: home automation, home smart home, smart home,

Extra Extra! A New Issue of Home Smart Home Awaits!

Posted February 18, 2015

Home automation systems can impact a person’s life in a myriad of ways. In this issue of Home Smart Home, you’ll see how the owners of a high-end villa in Spain use their Control4 system to enjoy the finer things—such as mood lighting, automated towel warmers and perfectly heated whirlpool tubs and swimming pools—while in their absence guests are able to operate the lights, thermostats and other electronic amenities with ease. Meanwhile...

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Control4 Audio/Video Solutions Just Got a Whole Lot Better.: audio/video, control4 partners, media distribution,

Control4 Audio/Video Solutions Just Got a Whole Lot Better.

Posted February 6, 2015

This week Control4 announced the acquisition of Leaf, a distributed audio/video product developer. Leaf has been at the forefront of audio/video distribution technology and with this acquisition Control4 will continue to lead the home automation category in media distribution. This influx of talent into Control4’s engineering team will provide speed and precision towards delivering scalable, high-fidelity media distribution products.

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Watch the Worldwide Launch Event!: comfort, convenience, entertainment, ise, launch event,

Watch the Worldwide Launch Event!

Posted February 5, 2015

On Tuesday, February 10th, we unveiled some amazing new products and enhancements to the Control4 experience to compliment our offering of smart home solutions. This was a live event filmed in and streamed to our Dealers directly from ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) in Amsterdam. Now you can watch the recorded version of our live event here!

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Time to Ditch the Memory Sticks for a Network Attached Storage Device?: control4 partners, home technology,

Time to Ditch the Memory Sticks for a Network Attached Storage Device?

Posted January 22, 2015

If your household is like mine, you probably have a collection of memory sticks floating around inside drawers, coat pockets, backpacks and car glove compartments. For years, these little sticks have been our go-to devices to store our multimedia collection—music, videos, photos and other forms of entertainment—as well as important documents.

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CES: My Favorite High Tech Products: ces 2015, events, home technology,

CES: My Favorite High Tech Products

Posted January 15, 2015

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas seemed all about the Internet of Things, or IoT, for short. There were washing machines and dryers that connect to the Internet, surveillance cameras that zip real-time images to smartphones and scads of devices that can be monitored quickly and conveniently from an app on a phone or table. I saw connected versions of thermostats, garage doors, security systems, and more...

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Apps: Are They Making Your House Too Complicated to Control?: anywhere access, control4 app, remote monitoring, smartphone,

Apps: Are They Making Your House Too Complicated to Control?

Posted January 6, 2015

According to Gartner, Inc.*, by the year 2022, the average family home could contain more than 500 smart devices, and it’s likely that each of these products will be able to be controlled via an app on a smartphone or tablet. On the surface, this might sound like a good idea, but imagine hunting and pecking through dozens of individual apps to manage your home environment. Instead of making your house easier to control, your app-infested phone could conceivably make the process painfully tedious and time consuming.

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Home Automation is to be Experienced, Not Seen.: #smarthomechat, one device challenge, smart home,

Home Automation is to be Experienced, Not Seen.

Posted December 30, 2014

When you walk into a smart home, what do you expect to see? A robotic maid? A cacophony of gadgets flying around? When you walk into a Control4 smart home, you should see simply—a home. But some amazing things will be going on beneath the surface, even if you can’t see wires and control boxes spread out everywhere.

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#SmartHomeChat Recap – Tech, Trends & Insights: #smarthomechat, industry, smart home,

#SmartHomeChat Recap – Tech, Trends & Insights

Posted December 16, 2014

In the first edition of #SmartHomeChat we were joined by 30+ different users including media, custom integrators, fellow industry manufacturers and tech-loving consumers to share real, truly valuable information surrounding the evolution of today’s smart home. The conversation was certainly fast paced, but was chock-full of home automation information, testimonials and of course some humor. Check out our recap here...

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Cloudy with a Chance of Frustration: Reliable Home Automation Is Key: cloud, connected devices, home automation, local,

Cloudy with a Chance of Frustration: Reliable Home Automation Is Key

Posted December 10, 2014

The cloud: it’s just such a fun term to use, isn’t it? I can’t think of a more overused tech “buzzword” right now and the meaning seems to have become incredibly vague. Oftentimes, when someone doesn’t understand exactly how something in technology works they’ll tell you it’s done in the cloud.

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Going Away for the Holidays? Keep Your Home Secure with Home Automation.: anywhere access, christmas, control4 app, holiday,

Going Away for the Holidays? Keep Your Home Secure with Home Automation.

Posted December 2, 2014

If you’re braving holiday travel this year to visit relatives, good luck to you. Seeing family and loved ones is what Christmas is all about, but the getting-there-and-back part is always a bit stressful (and sometimes headache-inducing). Imagine being stuck in the airport, or grounded by a blizzard, and worry begins to enter your mind; Did I remember to arm the house’s security system? Did I leave the garage door open?...

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The First #SmartHomeChat: JOIN US!: #smarthomechat, industry, smart home,

The First #SmartHomeChat: JOIN US!

Posted November 27, 2014

Participate in the First #SmartHomeChat When: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. EST (12:00 p.m. MT) Topic: Smart Home Technology, Trends & Insights Click for more details and information.

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6 Ideas for Automating your Holiday Decorations: christmas, for fun, holiday, lighting,

6 Ideas for Automating your Holiday Decorations

Posted November 26, 2014

The anticipation for the holidays begins as soon as the weather starts to change, and your home should be ready for it. No matter what holiday you’re celebrating this winter season, there is plenty that your home automation system do to help you and your family get into that holiday mood. Here are a few tips to have the best holiday season yet.

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Internet of...Toys? Christmas Gadgets for Techy-Tots.: christmas, family, for fun, holiday,

Internet of...Toys? Christmas Gadgets for Techy-Tots.

Posted November 21, 2014

Kids of this era are interested in toys with flashing lights, robotic movements, and loud noises—you know, the ones that leave us parents wanting to rip our hair out in patches. However, Internet-connected toys aren’t all bad, in fact, some of them are great for education and development. So with an “if you can’t beat them, then join them” attitude, I bring you these pretty cool, techy toys for connected kids.

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User Interfaces—The Human Link to a Home Automation System: in wall touchscreen, interfaces, mobile device, portable touchscreen,

User Interfaces—The Human Link to a Home Automation System

Posted November 18, 2014

While home automation systems are perfectly capable of running a household in this hands-off fashion, many homeowners feel more comfortable being able to actively operate the various products and systems under the backing of an automation system. Rather than relying completely on a system...

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Innovative Smart Home Applications: family, smart home, smart locks,

Innovative Smart Home Applications

Posted November 12, 2014

The primary function of any home automation system is, well, to automate the electronic systems in your house and to let you control them easily and succinctly through devices like smartphones, tablets and touch screens. At certain times, and under certain conditions like first thing in the morning or when you swipe an icon on your tablet, an automation system can turn lights and A/V equipment on and off, raise and lower motorized window shades and regulate the thermostats. But there’s more to an automation system than its ability to put your home on automatic pilot...

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Unexpected Automation: 5 Interesting IoT Products: internet of things, products,

Unexpected Automation: 5 Interesting IoT Products

Posted November 12, 2014

Remember when the internet was only confined to our computer screens? Back when you had to pay for AOL, and Google was still a word only mathematicians used? Times have changed and our phones, tablets, and computers aren’t the only things that are connected to the net anymore. Designers are breathing new life into everyday products by redesigning them to intelligently interact with their users and other devices around them. Here are some interesting and unexpected products the Internet of Things has given birth to.

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4 Home Automation Ideas for Entertaining Guests This Thanksgiving: for fun, holiday, home theater, lighting, smart home, thanksgiving,

4 Home Automation Ideas for Entertaining Guests This Thanksgiving

Posted November 12, 2014

Thanksgiving has the potential to get pretty chaotic. With all the cooking that needs to be done (add to that guests arriving and football blaring on the TV), it can be pretty easy to lose a degree or two of thankfulness. Here are 4 great smart home ideas that will help you kick off the holiday season just right.

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